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Including a Memorial Candle

A memorial candle can make a dignified statement when you would like to formally remember someone special during your wedding ceremony. Special people leave a void for the people who remain behind.

Including a memorial candle is a touching tribute to your family member and will honor the spirit of lost loved ones who are no longer there with you on your wedding day. A Memorial Candle will let you recognize the important role your family members played in your life.

Lighting the memorial candle is very short service that is part of the ceremony. It occurs just before the opening remarks.

You don't need to spend a fortune to have a memorial candle. You can use a plain white pillar candle. You can leave it simple or decorate it in a meaningful way.

If your crafty, you can make a custom memorial candle using a sentimental glass or cup that belonged to your loved one.

If you are planning to have a program, you can include something like this:
The memorial candle in the chapel burns brightly in loving memory of Mr. Roger Smith, Father of the Bride.

A small mention in your program is respectful and can mean a lot to your family.