Rev. Wendy Lyon
Box 414
Galway, New York, 12074
518 882-6773

Contract for services between Rev. Wendy Lyon and

Bride's name (first, middle,last) ______________________________________

Groom's name (first, middle,last) _____________________________________

Mailing address___________________________________


Home phone (including area code)________________________

Email address _____________________________

Date of wedding ________________________time_________

Rehearsal date _________________________time_________

Location of the wedding______________________________________________

Address of ceremony site______________________________________________

Phone number at the location of the wedding (_____)_______________

Amount of deposit required to reserve the above dates and time: $100.00. In order to contract the services of Rev. Wendy Lyon, I the undersigned agree to pay One Hundred dollars as a deposit toward my final bill. This deposit is non-refundable and the above dates will not be reserved until payment is received. In order to prevent conflicts in scheduling, the times of the ceremony can not be changed without written authorization from Rev. Lyon. Payment for services is as follows: Personal checks may be written for the deposit only. Certified check, money order, or cash payment will be required for the balance due. Final payment is due on or before the rehearsal date. If no rehearsal is required, payment will be paid in full before the ceremony. (personal checks not accepted on the date of the wedding) Upon signing this document and the payment of the deposit, I understand that Rev. Lyon will be present at the rehearsal if requested by the Bride, conduct the rehearsal and officiate at the wedding. In the event Rev. Lyon is prohibited from officiating at my wedding as planned due to hospitalization, auto accident or any other unforeseen event on the day of my wedding, any and all money paid will be returned to me in full. In the event of an unforeseen emergency, when possible, Rev. Lyon will provide names of possible alternate officiants. Furthermore, Rev. Lyon shall not be held liable for compensation due to non-performance of my wedding resulting from such incapacity. Upon signing this document and payment of the deposit, I understand that Rev. Lyon will provide the additional services as discussed:________________________________________________________

Total fee for services performed as quoted by Rev. Lyon:_$295_


Rev. Wendy Lyon