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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do people park?

There is an acre of parking behind the church. Invited guests should not park on the road or on the chapel lawn. Space is reserved in the front of the chapel for the bride's vehicle.

We want to book the chapel for our wedding. What do we do next?

Call me (Wendy Lyon) at 518 882-6773 (evenings are best) and arrange a meeting with me. I will meet you at the chapel, give you a tour and answer any questions you have. You can pay your deposit at that time and secure your wedding date immediately or you can go home and talk about it. You can then send the agreement and the deposit at a later date providing your wedding date is still available. I will make a photo-copy of the agreement and return it to you in the U.S. mail. If you have ever attended a wedding at the chapel you know how beautiful it is, and want to book the chapel on line, and set up a meeting for a later date, that if fine.agreement

Who do I make the deposit check out to?

Deposit checks for the use of the chapel should be made out to A Wedding in the Country.

Where do I mail the agreement to?

Please mail the agreement and the deposit check to
the address on the top of the agreement.
A Wedding in the Country
Box 414
Galway, New York 12074

Will you pencil me in?

There have been times when couples ask to be "penciled in" and then did not follow up or changed their minds. All of the weddings at the chapel are booked on a first come first served basis based on a signed agreement and deposit. Unfortunately, we will not be able to "pencil you in".

How do I find the chapel using Google maps or MapQuest.com?

The address to use for finding driving directions is
6305 Jockey St. Middle Grove, NY 12850. This is not the mailing address. There are detailed directions on the map and location page.

What address should I put on my invitations?

A Wedding in the Country Historic Chapel
6305 Jockey St. East Galway, New York

Do you do more than one wedding a day?

The answer to this question is yes, depending on the timing. The first person who books their wedding gets choice of their ceremony time and rehearsal time. If the second wedding will not impact on the first, then I will book another wedding. However, I do not book weddings too close together. For example, if the a couple books their wedding at 12:00 noon, I can host another wedding at 3:00 or later. It all depends on timing.

How long does it take for a rehearsal?

The rehearsal usually takes 45 minutes. It is important that your rehearsal start on time. There may be another rehearsal scheduled before or after yours. Out of town attendees should be provided with a map and specific directions to the chapel so that they don't get lost and are not late.

Is the chapel already decorated?

Yes, it is already decorated but you can change the decorations at your expense if you want to spend extra money. It really isn't necessary unless you really want to have a really elaborate, customized wedding.

When can we decorate?

Decorations can be brought to the rehearsal the night before the wedding. Arrangements can be made to have flowers delivered the day of the wedding by having the florist call us. Decorations brought in for a wedding must be removed from the chapel right after the wedding.

How many pews are there?

There are actually 15 pews. Two rows of 7 on a side and one at the very back of the church. If you decide to make your own pew bows, you will need 14. You should plan on using ties to fasten the bows to the pews. The plastic clip-ons won't work because of the carving on the top of the pews.

How long is the aisle?

The aisle is about 30 foot long. You should buy the smallest size aisle runner you can find. The paper runners look much nicer and work much than the plastic ones. If you are buying a runner, make sure it has tape on the end to hold it in place....the less expensive runners may not have tape on them. Always check before you buy one.

What size is the table where the unity candle is set-up?

The table is 29.5 inches tall, 20.25 inches wide and 59.25 inches long. If you want to cover the table with a cloth that you make yourself and you want it to reach the floor on all sides, make the table cloth 79 inches by 118 inches.

What is the measurement of the railing around the the alter?

The railing is a total of 18 foot. 11 foot across the front and 3 1/2 foot on each side. You will need to allow for extra material if you want it to swag.

Can we use a CD instead of hiring a musician?

Yes. There is a CD player available but someone will need to be assigned the duty of starting and stopping the music.

Do you provide witnesses when someone wants to elope?

Unfortunately we do not provide witnesses for couples who choose to elope. Plan on bringing 2 friends with you.

Can we bring our own minister?

Yes, of course! If your minister has any questions they can feel comfortable in calling us.

How long can we use the chapel?

Ample time is allotted. The chapel will be available for your wedding 1/2 hour before the designated ceremony time and 1 hour and a half afterward for pictures.

What is included in the $500 fee?

The $500 fee includes the services of Rev. Wendy Lyon to officiate your ceremony. This includes meeting with the couple to discuss the details of the ceremony as well as writing the ceremony with your input. The fee does not include the fee if anyone else officiates. (Judges or other clergy all have their own different fees.) The $500 fee also includes the time for the rehearsal, time for the wedding and time afterward for photographs. Rev. Wendy Lyon or the wedding coordinator will conduct the rehearsal and will be there the day of the wedding to make sure everything runs smoothly. Rev. Wendy Lyon will be there the day of the wedding to help other officiants.

Can we have our reception at the chapel?

The chapel has a small dining room and kitchen in the back. The room can be used for a cake and champagne reception for less than 30 people. For weddings booked after February 16th, 2007, an additional fee of $200 is required for the use of the dining room for receptions. The rental fee for receptions must be paid at the time of signing the chapel agreement and requests for use must be included on the agreement. This additional fee is non-refundable.

Can we have a bridal shower or a baby shower at the chapel?

Yes! The dining room is available for rent on Sundays during the season. The fee for the use is $250.

Can we have our dog included in the bridal party?

Yes! A Wedding in the Country is pet friendly. Visit our pet friendly page Pet friendly page

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